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A Traditional Distillery

Uncover the story of our fruit cream liqueurs...

Our history...

L’Héritier-Guyot was one of the first distilleries to be founded in the Dijon region.

In 1845, Louis-Baptiste L’Héritier created the company in the heart of Burgundy using his original cold sugaring technique. Ten years later, he married Mademoiselle Guyot with whom he founded “L’Héritier-Guyot”.

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Together, they honoured a tradition and savoir-faire rooted in the Dijon region, quality products and controlled production from start to finish.


Quality and rigour in supplies have always remained essential for L’Héritier-Guyot, which manages to combine ancestral tradition and technological innovation to preserve all the original qualities of the Crème de Cassis de Dijon.

L’Héritier-Guyot is now recognised as the market’s leading distillery. With more than two million bottles sold each year in France, L’Héritier-Guyot is number one when it comes to fruit cream liqueurs. Indeed, which French person doesn’t recognise this very special bottle with its iconic label?

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